3 Drought Survival Tips for Your Trees by Our Tree Service Contractor

September 22, 2014

Summer heat can be devastating for some of the trees planted in your yard. If you want to help them stay safe and healthy, then reading this post will definitely help you. In it, our tree service contractor has listed some tips from our most experienced arborist on summer tree care.

  • Mulch the roots of the tree. This can help you reduce the loss of moisture when the temperatures are unbearably high. Be careful not to place mulch near the trunk of your tree because this will have a negative effect. This mulch can produce excessive moisture and block oxygen to the roots. This process can eventually lead to root rot.
  • Avoid pruning your tree during the hot summer months, unless, of course, it poses a hazard for your property and family and you need to do it in order to protect them. Dead and damaged branches during the spring can make the limbs stable and help them survive hot summer temperatures. If you prune branches which are still alive, the tree will rather focus on healing that wound instead of growing new limbs and leaves.
  • Keep the roots of the tree protected during droughts. This means that you should not dig around them nor under the canopy of the tree.
Updated: June 27, 2017 at 12:31 pm