Free Tips from a Licensed Tree Care Contractor on Planting, Pruning, and Harvesting Blackberry Bushes – Part 2

Blackberry bushes in a garden

Last week, we provided you with some tips on how to take care of the blackberry bushes in your yard. As we promised, today, we will provide you with some further tips on planting the bushes. Early spring is the most suitable time for planting blackberry bushes because the weather then is still cool and […]

Free Tips from a Licensed Tree Contractor on Planting, Pruning, and Harvesting Tips for Your Blackberry Garden – Part 1

Blackberry Bush

Besides taking care of trees, we are a tree contractor that provides hedge planting and maintenance service. To prove that we are good at this as well, our specialists have decided to share with you some tips on planting and taking care of blackberries in your domestic garden. All blackberries are considered native to the […]

Tips on Annual Tree Trimming & Pruning by Our Tree Cutter – Part 2

Tree Cutter

Last week, our top tree cutter started a topic related to tree pruning outlining the steps to be one from the moment of planting until the first 4 years. Today, we are going to continue this topic by telling you how you have to manage your tree pruning after the 5th year. Now it is […]

Tips on Annual Tree Trimming & Pruning – Part 1


The pruning steps that you need to make in order to maintain a tree growing in your yard healthy depends not only on the tools you have but also on the age of your tree. You will have to perform a different type of tree trimming & pruning during the different life stages of your […]

When Is the Right Time to Book a Tree Trimming Service?


Tree trimming and pruning are definitely not as easy as they seem to be. In order to do them right, you need to know when the most suitable time is to do these procedures. To help you learn this, our tree trimming service specialists have prepared the following tips: Springtime pruning. You can do this […]

3 Drought Survival Tips for Your Trees by Our Tree Service Contractor

Pruning in the garden

Summer heat can be devastating for some of the trees planted in your yard. If you want to help them stay safe and healthy, then reading this post will definitely help you. In it, our tree service contractor has listed some tips from our most experienced arborist on summer tree care. Mulch the roots of […]

Frequently Asked Questions on Stump Grinding


Why consider stump grinding? Getting rid of a stump via grinding offers several benefits, like keeping your garden safe by eliminating tripping dangers. Grinding the stump out also gets rid of habitats for such things as termites, bees, ants, snakes, etc. Is there a difference between stump grinding and tree removal? Choosing stump grinding provides […]

A Tree Cutting and Trimming Service Won’t Be Necessary so Often if You Know How to select and Plant the Right Trees in Your Yard

A beautiful tree garden

If you do a proper job when selecting and planting the trees in your yard, you will definitely have to invest less time and effort later for their maintenance. It is now not expensive at all to hire a tree cutting and trimming service provider in town, but why spend time and effort when you […]

How to Take Care of a Acer Macrophyllum without the Help of a Professional Tree Service Specialist

tree service

Acer macrophyllum, also known as “Big leaf maple,” is a deciduous tree which is native to California and is not supposed to require high maintenance. Today, we will provide you with some tips on how to take proper care of this tree if you have planted it in your yard, without the need for expert […]

How to Plant Trees in Order to Attract Birds to Your Property


Professional Tree Care and Planting Advice Birds are a joy to observe and listen to throughout the entire year. Particularly during the long winter months, their bright and cheerful presence is even more desired and appreciated. While the birds certainly enrich our lives with their radiant presence and positive influence, there are many things that […]