How to Plant Trees in Order to Attract Birds to Your Property

August 20, 2014

Professional Tree Care and Planting Advice

Birds are a joy to observe and listen to throughout the entire year. Particularly during the long winter months, their bright and cheerful presence is even more desired and appreciated. While the birds certainly enrich our lives with their radiant presence and positive influence, there are many things that we can do for them. Tree planting will create a place where they can find food and shelter so that we can enjoy their company. If you are interested in attracting more birds to your property, read the following tree careand planting tips which our team of arborists has prepared specially for you!

By planting certain types of shrubs and trees, you can provide a year-long natural food source for these animals, especially during periods of the year when food is of greater value to them.
Choosing several trees that produce fruit during different seasons of the year is a great choice. Most of them also have beautiful blossoms in the spring or colorful foliage in the fall.
Trees and shrubs provide a nice cover which is also a vital factor for attracting birds. They need cozy places for protection and shelter during their breeding and nesting process, as well as for sleeping, traveling, and hiding from their predatory enemies.
oak leafsMany types of trees can be a good source of both shelter and food. Some good choices are Canadian Hemlock, Eastern Red Cedar, Oak, Fir, Spruce, and Birch. They are easy to plant and do not require regular tree care, which makes them easy to maintain all year round.
Make sure to remember that you should have a water source near the tree. Birds, like all animals, need water. This means that by creating a bird bath or other type of water feature, you will increase your chances of attracting even more birds and provide a better environment for them. Keep it free from ice during the winter, and make sure that you change the water regularly.

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