Tips on Annual Tree Trimming & Pruning by Our Tree Cutter – Part 2

October 15, 2014

Last week, our top tree cutter started a topic related to tree pruning outlining the steps to be one from the moment of planting until the first 4 years. Today, we are going to continue this topic by telling you how you have to manage your tree pruning after the 5th year.
Now it is time to make a good tree even better.


  • This is the period during which you will have to prune off all lower limbs. This is not only a good plan if you want to be able to get limbs out of your guests’ and family members’ heads but also if you want to remove limbs which won’t be productive. Lower limbs are not meant to be permanent and do not grow taller with time, so make sure to take care of this on time.
  • If the crown becomes too dense, you may also cut a few of the higher branches. This way the tree limbs won’t become too heavy and break. Proper spacing is of key importance.


  • If a tree has survived that long, it means that you have already done a really good job maintaining it healthy. What you can do to help it resist the next storm or heavy rainfall is to inspect the tree for damaged or dead limbs and get them removed. Spring is a good time for this service to be performed.
  • There are other individual maintenance tricks that may help your trees survive longer, but you’d better call an arborist for an inspection first in order to learn them!
Updated: June 27, 2017 at 12:31 pm