Tree Cutting and Trimming Service Tips for Storm-Damaged Trees

November 20, 2014

If your community has survived a severe storm, there are quite high chances that you may have to face some problems that need to be fixed:

  • property damage
  • power line disconnection
  • broken and torn trees that had fallen in the middle of the roadways

We may not help you with tips on how to deal with the first 2 issues, but when it comes to dealing with a tree cutting and trimming service, you won’t be able to consult a more experienced professional! Here is what you need to do:

  • First, inspect the area around the fallen tree. Although the picture may look really bad in the beginning, the problem may not be as serious as it looks, and you may be even able to revive the tree instead of getting it completely removed. Proper care, and of course, time may help you restore the original beauty of trees in your yard or near your property.
  • Be patient, and do not take any actions before the tree is thoroughly inspected. Otherwise, additional branches may fall and hurt you or you may get stuck under a stump which rolls unexpectedly. Your personal safety should be your primary concern.
  • If there is a street tree that is causing trouble, you can consult your local authorities about the actions that you may take towards removing fallen leaves, branches, stumps, etc.
Updated: June 27, 2017 at 12:27 pm